Amy’s Kitchen – New Products

We recently mentioned some new products from Amy’s Kitchen on our Gluten Free Ireland Facebook page –  Following a number of enquiries about stockists in the Republic and Northern Ireland we contacted Amy’s KItchen and got the following response:

The best way for consumers to find their local Amy’s Kitchen stockists in Northern Ireland is to use the store locator on our website, as they can search using postcodes. 

 Dublin in particular have a popular health food shop known as ‘Nourish’:

Nourish GPO Arcade
GPO Arcade Henry Street
Dublin, Dublin 1

Nourish Liffey Street
6 Lower Liffey Street
Dublin 1

Health Matters
8 Grafton Street

Down to Earth
73 South Great St Georges Street
Dublin & Cork

Donnybrook Fair
89 Morehampton Road Donnybrook
 Dublin 4

 Our website includes details of our full range available in Europe at:

 Alternatively, buy online and get Amy’s Kitchen products delivered to your door: – Ocado – Goodness Direct or call: 0871 871 6611 

Many local health food shops are able to take consumer requests for your favourite Amy’s Kitchen products, so we encourage you to speak with them today”.

Hope you find this update useful.

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Veronica’s Snacks

Veronica’s Snacks is a recent addition to our list of Irish #GF suppliers.

Veronica Kenneally is the lady behind the business and her products –  Veronica’s Gluten Free Crisps in Barbeque or Sour Cream Herb & Onion flavours –  have gone down a treat with everyone in our family. They come in smaller bags (23gm) for the little people in your family and in a larger (85gm) bag that you can share with friends and family   (if you really must!) They are hard to put down once you start munching. :)

If you like your Crisps #GF, low in fat and Sodium and as crisp as they come then check out Veronica’s Baked Organic Crisps. For more details see their website at


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BFree Gluten Free Bread

BFree offers exciting New Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Healthy and Amazingly Tasty Bakery Products.

 A new Irish company BFree Foods Ltd has developed BFree, a range of wheat free, gluten and dairy free bakery products that are outstanding in terms of taste, freshness and nutritional values.   

The range consists of:

–        Soft white loaf that is only 60 calories per slice (lower than weight watchers!). 

–        Brown Seeded Loaf (exceptionally High in Fibre

–        4 pack Soft White Rolls

–        4 pack Brown Seeded Rolls

 The brand will be launched in all Dunnes Stores in Northern Ireland from:

Tuesday 29th January 2013 

 This ground-breaking Irish innovation is suitable for Coeliacs* and for those looking for real healthy options, with no compromise on taste. Research* with Bfree breads and Competitor brands put Bfree as the preferred bread in terms of taste.

 For futher information, please ask your local Dunnes Stores or contact BFree directly on

For more information about Bfree see their website at

Ps  Bfree bread is already available in Dunnes Stores in Southern Ireland !!

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Gluten Free Jacksonville

ImageImageImageImageImageDuring our trip to Ireland this summer, we found this great restaurant/pub with an amazing outside beer garden and gluten-free fish and chips called Keough’s (don’t even ask me how you pronounce that, haha…).    Kinvara is a little fishing town just outside Galway.  After a day at Cliff’s of Moher we decided to stop in this little town to break up the drive.  The grilled cod at Keough’s was tender and flaky and the fries (yes, made in a dedicated fryer) were a welcome treat after a day of sight seeing.  I love these pictures, they really depict what a great time (and meal) we had that day. These are great memories from our trip.

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New Corn Cakes from Kallo


Kallo, the natural and organic food brand, is encouraging consumers to try its new Corn Cakes.

The new Corn Cakes are made with only two ingredients – corn and a touch of salt and have only 25 calories!

They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contain no gluten containing ingredients.

 Get more information on the Kallo website at –
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Kallo, the natu…

Kallo, the natural and organic food brand, and the only brand on the market to offer organic stock cubes, is introducing two new products – natural Kallo Stock Pots and Kallo Organic Gravy Granules.

Like the Kallo Organic Stock Cubes, the two new products are natural and contain no artificial ingredients, no added MSG and are gluten free.

And as home cooking continues to grow and consumers increasingly look for convenient formats to help them out in the kitchen, these offer an all natural solution.
The new natural Kallo Stock Pots come in three varieties – beef, chicken and vegetable – and provide an all natural base for casseroles, stews and soup.

The new natural Kallo Stock Pots come in three varieties – beef, chicken and vegetable and are
available from October 2012 in Tesco and Co-op supermarkets. The new Kallo Organic Gravy Granules  come in two varieties – chicken and beef.

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Haribo Sweets

Despite her best efforts my good wife has been Glutened and we are hunting for the culprit!

One of the suspects was a bag of very tasty Chamallows made by Haribo who, unfortunately, do not mention the Gluten status of the product on the wrapper. 

However, a quick visit to the Haribo website – revealed that the suspicious Chamallows are indeed Gluten Free and have now been removed from our list of likely suspects!

While on the site further investgation revealed that many (but not all) products in the Haribo range are Gluten Free so, if you have a sweet tooth or want to buy sweets for a Coeliac child, then Haribo sweets may be an option! Check out their website and see what appeals to your sense of taste –

Derek                                                                                                      Image


Happy chewing! 

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Welcome to Cater for Coeliacs

Hi folks and welcome to the first blog on our new web site.
Since we started looking for Gluten Free food almost six years ago the supply and quality available on the Irish island has improved dramatically in line with the growing awareness of the disease. 
We now have Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Marks & Spencer carrying a wider and better range of GF food than ever before so that’s a big step forward. Mind you, stock control could be improved in some of our bigger supermarkets as they seem to be very low in some items and out of stock in others when we go shopping either online or in person. (Maybe we’re just unlucky with our timing!)
Many smaller supermarkets, Deli’s etc are now carrying a GF range and the more places we ask for it – the more shop owners will catch on to the growing demand!
If you have queries or comments about the supply of GF food in your part of Ireland let us know and we will see what we can do to improve things.
Derek & Tina
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